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Travel Tips For The Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, meaning you better get your act together soon in order to travel efficiently!  Our team compiled some suggestions to streamline your holiday travels. 1) Booking: Book early and SAVE! Prices will only increase as the holidays get near, and avoid these three days!  Sometimes it’s a good idea […]

Marriott Set to Acquire Starwood

Starwood has effectively been on the market since late April and finally this week a purchaser came forward.  Much to the surprise of many, Marriott was the one to make the big announcement! “On Monday, Marriott announced that it would acquire Starwood for $11.9 billion in stock and $340 million in cash. That means cash was used for […]

We’ve Planned Your Next Year…. Intrepid Travel’s Ultimate 365-Day Adventure

“The Ultimate 365-Day Adventure is a nonstop, no-holds-barred, year-long journey that spans almost the entire globe. Guests travel from the jungles of South East Asia all the way to the ice-covered Antarctic Peninsula.” With a $75,000 price tag, this adventure isn’t for the price-conscious… But considering it includes all of your meals, accommodations, flights and […]

WOW Air to Commence California to Iceland Routes

WOW Air has disrupted Icelandic air travel by offering outrageously low fares from East Coast cities to capitol city Reykjavik.  In big news, they will begin offering flights to West Coast cities next summer, with tickets going on sale in January. Read more with Travel Weekly News.

Tourism Booms in Myanmar

I firsthand experienced Myanmar’s dramatic influx in tourism last year, evidenced by the clear discrepancy in the supply and demand of accommodation.  While the number of visitors has tripled in the past three years, prior strict government laws have hindered growth of the hotels necessary to house all of these tourists.  The results?  It’s hard as hell […]

Searching Early, Booking Late: How Hotel Booking Patterns Have Changed

Consumer shopping patterns have shifted over the years with the increase of internet access and smart phones.  Although hotel bookers are spending more time researching their travels, there has also been a rise in last minute final bookings.  Here is the clearer picture of buyers’ path to purchase.