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WOW Air to Commence California to Iceland Routes

WOW Air has disrupted Icelandic air travel by offering outrageously low fares from East Coast cities to capitol city Reykjavik.  In big news, they will begin offering flights to West Coast cities next summer, with tickets going on sale in January. Read more with Travel Weekly News.

Tourism Booms in Myanmar

I firsthand experienced Myanmar’s dramatic influx in tourism last year, evidenced by the clear discrepancy in the supply and demand of accommodation.  While the number of visitors has tripled in the past three years, prior strict government laws have hindered growth of the hotels necessary to house all of these tourists.  The results?  It’s hard as hell […]

Cool Gadgets Making Your Travels Easier

With baggage fees on the rise we must be super efficient with our packing.  Check out these products making their way to the marketplace and be sure to bring only the best gadgets on your next business trip! 35 Innovative Business Travel Gadgets

Detour – A new way to tour

User generated tours that lead visitors through a different side of classic destinations, Detour is offering a personal story that accompanies each view. This is a new concept for travelers and locals alike, where location aware audio walks are created by anyone wishing to share their stories and experiences about