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TSA to Stop Accepting Drivers Licenses From Nine US States

Starting soon in 2016, TSA will no longer accept drivers licenses from nine US states as a form of identification for air travel.  The Real ID Act states that acceptable forms of identification must be equipped with machine-readable chip technology, which these states’ drivers licenses do not comply with: Alaska California Illinois Minnesota Missouri New Jersey New […]

Travel Tips For The Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, meaning you better get your act together soon in order to travel efficiently!  Our team compiled some suggestions to streamline your holiday travels. 1) Booking: Book early and SAVE! Prices will only increase as the holidays get near, and avoid these three days!  Sometimes it’s a good idea […]

Marriott Set to Acquire Starwood

Starwood has effectively been on the market since late April and finally this week a purchaser came forward.  Much to the surprise of many, Marriott was the one to make the big announcement! “On Monday, Marriott announced that it would acquire Starwood for $11.9 billion in stock and $340 million in cash. That means cash was used for […]

E-Cigarette Laws and Travel

E-Cigs are often thought to be the safe cousin of traditional cigarettes, yet as time passes it has become clear that they have many risks of their own.  Stories have surfaced of e-cigs catching fire and that clearly poses a danger during air travel.  In efforts to eliminate this issue, the Department of Transportation has […]