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Travel Tips For The Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, meaning you better get your act together soon in order to travel efficiently!  Our team compiled some suggestions to streamline your holiday travels.

1) Booking: Book early and SAVE! Prices will only increase as the holidays get near, and avoid these three days!  Sometimes it’s a good idea to book the first flight of the day, leaving you less likely to get stuck overnight somewhere if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

2) Driving: Don’t bother driving yourself to the airport! Parking rates are inflated over the holidays and finding a spot is stressful.  Use Uber or Lyft for a quick dropoff and a reasonable price.

3) Packing: PACK LIGHT! Only bring a carry-on to avoid long bag check lines and high fees. No risk of losing your back!  Take note that a few airlines, such as Frontier and Spirit, now charge for carry-ons as well; pay the fees before you get to the airport so you don’t get dinged with last minute rates.  Use the PackPoint app to help make sure you’re bringing everything you need!

4) Noise: Something we never bring and always wish we had: earplugs. They’re tiny enough to bring along anywhere and will dull out the crying baby inevitably on your flight. Another option is Bose noise canceling headphones to really make your flight more comfortable.

5) Gifts: If you’re bringing along gifts, don’t wrap them ahead of time. TSA may need to open packages and they don’t care how pretty they look.

6) Airport food: Bring your own snacks and tea bags to skip long lines and crappy airport food. Easy ideas: nuts, dried fruit, veggies, granola bars, jerky, wraps, or sandwiches. Nix any liquids otherwise you’ll have issues with security, but bring an empty water bottle to fill up again on the other side.

7) Use your phone! TripIt app will keep all of your travel plans easily accessible in one place and CityMapper will help you get around once you’re there.

8) Charge Up: Bring along a fully charged external battery and make sure your charging cables are in your carry on, just in case your flight gets delayed, cancelled, or your bags get lost. Also check out these innovative gadgets making your travels easier.

9) Expedite Security: Apply for Clear or TSA Pre-Check to zip through security lines quickly.  If you’re an avid international traveler go for Global Entry, giving you both TSA Pre-Check and expedited customs/immigration entry upon arrival to the US for $100 for a 5 year membership.

10) Let us book your flights, hotels, and rental cars! We take the stress out of it and keep all your records together for smooth sailing through the busy holiday season.

Safe travels and happy holidays!