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We’ve Planned Your Next Year…. Intrepid Travel’s Ultimate 365-Day Adventure

“The Ultimate 365-Day Adventure is a nonstop, no-holds-barred, year-long journey that spans almost the entire globe. Guests travel from the jungles of South East Asia all the way to the ice-covered Antarctic Peninsula.”

With a $75,000 price tag, this adventure isn’t for the price-conscious… But considering it includes all of your meals, accommodations, flights and almost all excursions, it probably wouldn’t be the most expensive year you’ve lived!

“The journey includes more than 150 activities and excursions and features 20 different kinds of accommodations and transport, including camping in Antarctica, home-stays in villages in Peru and Cambodia and desert camping in the Sahara. Some highlights include the Great Wall of China, spotting the Big Five in Africa, Machu Picchu and more.”

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